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I am the founder and writer of Bees in Space and The Light of Greece.
I started this blog after I returned to the US from living in Greece for 15 years. During that time, I was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic and incurable disease that affects the central nervous system. I also survived and escaped a traumatic relationship. It would take a terribly long time to comprehend that for the past decade, I was in a severely (as my therapist now gently reminds me) severely abusive relationship. Not the kind that bruises the skin, breaks bones, and draws blood. The kind that gets into your head like a virus and turns you – against you.
With compassionate mentorship from my Greek friend Ada, I learned to fight back with courage and resilience. I found a new love, Scott, who supported me through chemo, PTSD, and the transition back home to the States. 
Bees in Space is a safe place where I share my personal stories of overcoming challenges and finding love, and ode to the ancient land which my spirit is forever part.
This website is dedicated to those in pain, those in healing, and the power of love.
Thank you for being here!

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