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The Journey


Newly diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, I leaned over the rails of my balcony and into the hot breath of the Mediterranean wind - I contemplated life, death, and my homeland, 9,000 miles away.


It would take a terribly long time to comprehend that for the past decade, I was in a severely (as my therapist now gently reminds me) severely abusive relationship.

Not the kind that bruises the skin, breaks bones, and draws blood.

The kind that gets into your head like a virus and turns you – against you.


Now, five years later and a million therapy sessions wiser, I am writing these words from under the comfort of a fleece blanket, the warmth of the fireplace, and the gentle purrs of Ziggy Stardust, my cat. My legs are a firestorm of pain, my fingers are numb and clumsy, and I am in love with a man whom I refer to as Beautiful Scott.


This website is dedicated to those in pain, those in healing, and the power of love.

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