Yankee Candle Fundraiser

The Yankee Candle Fundraiser is easy, fun and nearly 40% of the sales goes directly to your student Space Camp trip! (If your student raises $100, that $100 will be removed from your students cost to attend Space Camp, reducing the cost from $315 to $215)

There are two ways you can raise money: (you can do both)

  • Traditional Catalog Sales - You and your student can run a traditional catalog fundraiser, have your student sell the products to family and friends then turn in the orders BEFORE November 8th in order to receive the products before Christmas. The orders placed will be shipped to the school and distributed to the students for them to deliver.
  • Online Sales - Online sales gives you the advantages of having more products to offer, a longer window to sell, a shorter delivery time and all of the products are delivered directly to the buyer, plus you can track all of the sales. You can send a link, a Facebook invite or just send them to the Brpadneck Store, all you have to do is setup a student account and spread the word, it's really simple and anyone can do it. That means if your great grandmother in California wants to buy a Coleman Stove for Christmas, they can buy it in December and get it in time!

With both programs your student will receive credit for 40% of the sales that they are responsible for. Below are starter pages for both, if you need a catalog, please contact Ben Lowe at benlowe@beesinspace.org.

Broadneck ES Space Camp Trip Electronic Letter.doc
Broadneck ES Space Camp Trip Cov Ltr F19.doc